Monster Market Opens in Tempe October 7th

Local artist Victor Moreno has a love for Halloween and all things scary.

As a kid, he’d go to horror movies with his dad, craft with his mom, and make Halloween costumes with brother. (He even got hauled into the principal’s office for bringing an actual sword to school while dressed as a ninja.)

“For me personally, it was my favorite holiday growing up,” Moreno says.

He still has that same passion for the holiday, not to mention anything of the spooky variety. Hence the reason behind Cult Classics, the ongoing film series he puts on that often features horror and thriller flicks.

“My house is pretty much horror movies and toys year-round, down to having a mini jack o’lantern on my monitor,” he says.

Moreno’s love of All Hallows Eve also inspired him to create Monster Market, the Halloween-themed arts and cultural celebration that makes its debut this weekend.

The one-day event on Saturday, October 7, at the Moxy Hotel in Tempe will feature a curated selection of 17 vendors and artists from around Arizona, many offering wares of a crafty and arty variety that fit in with the spirit of Halloween. There will also be special guests, including historian Marshall Shore and the Phoenix Ghostbusters, who will present workshops or talks about Halloween-related topics.

Appropriately enough, Moreno will also screen the 1987 teenybopper vampire flick The Lost Boys at the Moxy’s pool after darkness falls.

Moreno says there were many reasons why he launched the event.

“Monster Market is way to create this niche community driven event showcasing some great local artists and businesses themed around Halloween, which inspires great visuals and creativity,” he says.

He also wanted to highlight local artists.

“Part of the reason why we have been wanting to do an event like Monster Market is [to spotlight] a lot of the artists and vendors doing cool and unique businesses and art based in the Phoenix area,” Moreno says. “Local businesses and artisans are a big part of what sustains big events and conventions, and, more often than not, they don’t get enough of a spotlight.”

Plus, he just figured it would be a good time.

“It’s also a big inclusive Halloween party that ties in horror movies, Ghostbusters, and all the fun and spooky influences we grew up with,” he says. “It’s something I would’ve loved to attend as a teenager.”

Read the full interview at the Phoenix New Times here to learn more about what to expect from this event, and visit the official website here for tickets and additional information.