The Local Apartments

Tempe, Arizona

The Local is a 286-unit luxury, multifamily development in the heart of downtown Tempe. Situated at the marquee intersection of University and Ash, adjacent to the Mill Shopping District, The Local is a celebration of authentic Tempe – the history, the culture, the music, the people.

Occupying the ground floor will be the city’s only full-scale, lifestyle Whole Foods Market, offering residents fresh, local produce, meats and other foods as well as their popular 365 brand of products. The Whole Foods Market will also feature a bar/restaurant space with outdoor seating along University Boulevard – making this a true neighborhood destination.

About The Vision

Delivering residents of Tempe something new and different, The Local will feature sophisticated finishes and accents in a fresh, unexpected style – blending a little vintage inspiration with modern touches. Use of exposed concrete, distressed and rich woods, brick, living plant and art details will come together to create a warm, authentic, welcoming vibe with distinctive amenities.


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